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Stix Hooper–Original Superstar Drummer of the Pearl Roster

Pearl Drums logoStix Hooper is one of the original superstar drummers of the Pearl roster. As a member of jazz instrumental group, the Crusaders, Stix introduced the Pearl sound to millions of listeners through their many recordings and live performances. His unique blending of Jazz and Funk proved that a drummer could be powerful, daring, and musical from behind the kit. Pearl is proud of our 40+ year long relationship with Stix and to be a part of his musical legacy.

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Stix Hooper–A Valued Member of the Zildjian Cymbals Artist Family for Decades

ZildjianStix Hooper has been a valued member of the Zildjian Cymbals artist family for decades. It is rare for a drummer to have such a vast influence on many different musical styles, and to play with so many varied musicians through the years, and we are so proud that he has been playing Zildjian cymbals all this time. As Stix continues to make beautiful music and influence new generations of drummers, the Zildjian Company is happy to be part of his musical journey.

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Stix Hooper – L.A. Jazz Scene

LA Jazz Scene“Stix Hooper has certainly lived an interesting life. He has worked with some of the most talented musicians in the world. He’s traveled widely to perform and continues to plan future trips….He has escaped the hectic bustle of big cities like Los Angeles and probably added years to his life. L.A. is a place where musicians can find work but they have to be vigilant for opportunities. One night a musician might be playing in a small wine bar and the next week working with a major recording star in the studio, playing pop tunes. It’s great to have choices, so Hooper is in a good place with his long -lasting career.”
– Myrna Daniels, L.A. Jazz Scene

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Stix Hooper

Daily Variety“Stix Hooper drums with his usual brilliance. He’s a percussionist of sensitivity who really listens. He’s inventive and driving in every mood – changing with facility from a four, to a twelve-eight on an intriguing slow blues, “Absolutely Funky,” to a Latin beat on a melodic ballad, to his own always absorbing rock rhythms.”

Daily Variety Magazine

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Stix Hooper – A Monster

Attention drummers – Listen to some old Jazz Crusaders for a drummer that combined technical expertise and great timing. Stix Hooper, a monster!”

Phil Kelly, Techrepublic.com

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Stix Hooper…

All Music logo“Stix Hooper…(is) the best soul-jazz drummer in the business….The real surprise (as a composer) is “Journey From Within,” an Eastern-tinged modal groove. (It) becomes one of the first ‘out-jazz’ funk tunes!”

Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

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Stix’s Recording – Touch the Feeling

Drummer strikes out on own to produce solo LP worthy of his unquestionable ability as a top jazz-funk session man. Musicians polish an already well-cut diamond. A Must.

Sounds ENGLAND, February, 1983

Intelligently put together, with tunes that “sing,” (sic) displays that special kick . . .a natural!

Dider Delaunoy, Record Data, 1983

Jazz aficionados will adore the second solo album by drummer Nesbert “Stix” Hooper . A well –rounded jazz endeavor.

Warren Thompson, Music Review
St Lous American, October 1982

Look for this album to be high on the music charts, because it is beautiful, smooth sailing all the way. This album will keep you happy. It’s Hitsville all the way. Five Stars.

Gene Gillis, Amsterdam News
New York, NY, October, 1982

Displays new facets, to an already unique career.

Florida Star, Jacksonville Florida, October, 1982

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“I formed the band in 1953 when my father brought me a full set of drums. At first, my father bought me a big parade drum and before that I used to bang on my mother’s pots and pans, even when they were on the stove at a 90-degree angle.”

On Viewpoint

“This band is eclectic, like my solo albums, but it’s more adventurous.”

“Music is universal. It’s Americana, the melting pot of every technical group in the world. I’ll never lose sight of my Texas rhythm and blues roots, and I’ll always have that inflection. I also heard country. Some call it crossover or fusion, but it’s element assimilated from all the things they (sic-the artists) have been exposed to, “ Stix said.

Suzanne McElfresh, Leisure & Arts
The Arizona Republic, July, 1984

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Pearl Drums logoStix Hooper has contributed much to the world of music and to the Jazz Community through his work with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where he has served as the National Vice Chairman (the first African American to do so), having previously served three terms as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of NARAS (the first ever three term President, and only the second African American President). Among the many awards he has garnered are 9 Grammy nominations, numerous #1 awards from Billboard, Cashbox and Record World magazines, as well as Top Drummer award by Billboard magazine.

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