“I formed the band in 1953 when my father brought me a full set of drums. At first, my father bought me a big parade drum and before that I used to bang on my mother’s pots and pans, even when they were on the stove at a 90-degree angle.”

On Viewpoint

“This band is eclectic, like my solo albums, but it’s more adventurous.”

“Music is universal. It’s Americana, the melting pot of every technical group in the world. I’ll never lose sight of my Texas rhythm and blues roots, and I’ll always have that inflection. I also heard country. Some call it crossover or fusion, but it’s element assimilated from all the things they (sic-the artists) have been exposed to, “ Stix said.

Suzanne McElfresh, Leisure & Arts
The Arizona Republic, July, 1984