Stix Hooper–Original Superstar Drummer of the Pearl Roster

Pearl Drums logoStix Hooper is one of the original superstar drummers of the Pearl roster. As a member of jazz instrumental group, the Crusaders, Stix introduced the Pearl sound to millions of listeners through their many recordings and live performances. His unique blending of Jazz and Funk proved that a drummer could be powerful, daring, and musical from behind the kit. Pearl is proud of our 40+ year long relationship with Stix and to be a part of his musical legacy.

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Stix Hooper–A Valued Member of the Zildjian Cymbals Artist Family for Decades

ZildjianStix Hooper has been a valued member of the Zildjian Cymbals artist family for decades. It is rare for a drummer to have such a vast influence on many different musical styles, and to play with so many varied musicians through the years, and we are so proud that he has been playing Zildjian cymbals all this time. As Stix continues to make beautiful music and influence new generations of drummers, the Zildjian Company is happy to be part of his musical journey.

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