Stix Hooper & Viewpoint – Pier Pressure Blues

Stix Hooper & Viewpoint – Inside the Outside

Stix Hooper with the Crusaders – Zaire 1974 Dancers

Stix Hooper & the Jazz Crusaders – Put It Where You Want It

Stix Hooper & the Jazz Crusaders – The Today Show

Stix Hooper, Producer – Old Man Jazz With Ernie Andrews, Vocals

Stix Hooper – Jasmine Breeze, 1979

Stix Hooper, Featuring Osamu Kitajima and Dr. L. Subramaniam – Jasmine Breeze

Stix Hooper sitting in with Papa John DeFrancesco – a rare hang at Steamer’s Café with Steve Wilkerson and Bruce Forman


Video provided by Shari C. Mayer