Drummer, Stix Hooper is well known for being a former members of the Crusaders. Significantly at Colburn School of Music’s Zipper Hall, he made a point of showing that his range surpasses boundaries and labels, while also being a very capable bandleader. In fact, his multi-cultural ensemble was often showcased during the concert beginning with the opening number. It was a duet of “Swan Lake” performed by Eugene Maslov-piano and Gabriel Campos-clarinet, a student at the facilitating venue. Also accordionist, Frank Maracco blazed on “Secret Love,” and the guitarist, Andreas Oberg, profoundly soloing..

The guitarist came to the forefront again during an impressive rendering of “Cherokee.” Highly acclaimed flautist, Hubert Laws soared to lofty heights during Brazilian flavored “Samba Del Cielo.” Recalling the heralded 1970s CTI Records years was urban groove, “And Then There was the Blues.” Bassist Del Atkins was prominent with reedist, Scott Mayo and the guitarist profoundly soloing. Changing things up a bit was the addition of Hooper’s daughter, Meghan, who soulfully sang “Nature Boy” with poise and balance that impressed the audience. Rounding out an invigorating evening was hip sounding “Pier Pressure Blues” that included trumpeter, Jamelle WIlliams grandly soloing and interacting with all the musicians. Hooper wailed away throughout the percolating number and soloed for the close to garner a standing ovation.