After a quarter of a century, Stix Hooper, internationally renowned drummer/composer/producer, returned recently to his hometown of Houston to reconnect and acknowledge his Texas roots sharing his new music and his myriad of varied experiences.

Hooper, a multi-Grammy nominated artist, is considered one of the world’s top drummer/percussionists, composers, vocalists, producers, and of course known as the founder of the famed Crusaders.

The successful Houston native, spent time, hung with friends and toured the Pro-Mark factory founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein. In 1951, Brochstein established the Brochstein Drum Shop in downtown Houston where he taught drumming, sold drums and supplies along with being a working musician. Brochstein went on to found Pro-Mark, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of drumsticks, mallets and percussion products. Since the purchase at Brochstein’s of that first set of drums, sticks and percussion equipment, Hooper and Brochstein, have become life-long friends!

Having developed an interest in music, drums and percussion at a very early age, Hooper started in E. O. Smith Junior High devoting much of his time to the study of all aspects of music including composition, song writing, etc. Then, while at Phillis Wheatley High School, Hooper was Concert/Marching Band President for two years and an outstanding member of the Jazz Band during his tenure at the school also forming a band called the Swingsters, later on becoming the Modern Jazz Sextet. Then on to Texas Southern University where he continued his studies in addition to studying with members of the Houston Symphony Orchestra and other professional musicians. Hooper then headed to the west coast where the Jazz Crusaders, eventually the Crusaders, were established and became a world acclaimed entity.

During his visit, the student body at Phillis Wheatley High School enjoyed an informative presentation from alumnus Hooper, and Wheatley band students participated in an interactive workshop.

Hooper recently released three new recordings from his new record label, Stix Hooper Enterprises. Read more or visit Stix’s Facebook page for news and updates.

Stix Energizing the New Generation!


During his visit, Phillis Wheatley High School band students participated in an interactive workshop

Stix fires up the drums and fires up the students during an all school assembly at Wheatley High